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There are many interactive process viewer for Linux. But there is only one which is preinstalled by default — top!


This tutorial is slated to discuss the process viewer — top. More specifically, top is a process viewer about information aggregation and the separation of relevant information from irrelevant data.

NOTE: Techniques for performance analysis are not included in this article.

What is top?

top is a process viewer that runs interactively from a Shell. top is a data visualizer that is focused on CPU- and Memory consumption through processes, subsequently displaying the data in a customizable view — such that it can…

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Foto by Herbert Aust on Pixabay

The other day I had to write a shell script that generates 5637 queries cramped into a file. The goal was to run these queries against a database and change discrepancies between what is and what should be. Anyway, this article is not about queries and databases, but the raw power of Bash and why it makes sense to rethink the process twice before you go the beaten path.

The situation

The input emanates from a file that contains precisely 5637 value pairs.

They look like this:

Value1.XYZ Value2.XYZ

The first field contains the current value stored in the database. The second…

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